10 of the Best Restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island - Business in New England (2022)

10 of the Best Restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island - Business in New England (1)

Are you looking for a nice restaurant to go to for a meal with a close friend or a partner? Below we’ve featured 10 of the best restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island.

1. Plant City

Renowned chef Matthew Kenney heads up the kitchen at Plant City, one of the best vegan restaurants in the country. Plant City is reinventing how vegan food is viewed. With multiple locations across the country, including one in Providence, Rhode Island, Plant City has been recognized as one of the industry’s leaders by The Boston Globe, VegNews and Forbes.

Open for business and serving customers in-house seven days a week, Plant City also does delivery and pick-up for those who want to enjoy their food at home. Learn about their vegan burgers, with options including barbeque sauce or truffles, as well as quesadilla with mushrooms, onions and salsa roja or burritos made of rice, beans lettuce and mole.

Take a look at Plant City’s menu.

2. Circe

Circe is a restaurant and bar with a number of locations, including one in Providence, Rhode Island. Founded by owner Carlo Carlozzi, Circe has a menu that provides options that are American and Mediterranean-inspired. Their delicious menu is made to be enjoyed in their beautifully designed restaurants, with a modern and chic interior.

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Circe is open for lunch, brunch and dinner, as well as after-dinner drinks at their bar. Enjoy their wagyu tacos with chimichurri and chipotle aioli, prosciutto board with baby arugula, burrata and balsamic reduction, and if you’re particularly hungry, add on a side of pork belly hash or parmesan truffle fries.

Speak to Circe today.

3. Andino’s

Considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Rhode Island, Andino’s is a casual Italian restaurant that has been a part of the neighbourhood in the city of Providence since 1988. Originally a social club, the establishment soon branched into food and drink and has never looked back.

Customers can enjoy lunch and dinner at Andino’s, leisurely dining at one of their comfortable and luxurious tables available. Start your meal off with an order of casino or Giovanni clams, before trying one of Andino’s beloved pasta dishes, whether it is the cavatelli, manicotti or lobster ravioli.

You can look at what else Andino’s has to offer here.

4. Nicks on Broadway

Situated in Providence, Rhode Island, Nicks on Broadway is a restaurant with indoor and patio seating available for local customers and visitors. The restaurant accepts reservations for parties both small and large and also is able to accommodate orders for take-out.

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Join Nicks on Broadway for brunch or dinner. Guests will enjoy a selection of brunch selections like Nicks on Broadway’s steak and eggs combination, or “The Special”, which includes eggs, potatoes and griddled buttermilk biscuits. For dinner plans, go with their larger plates, such as their fish ’n’ chips, or grilled blackbird farm beef, served with a side of sweet potatoes and onions.

Plan a trip to Nicks on Broadway!

5. The Capital Grille

Setting the standard for grill houses across the country, The Capital Grille is a reliable restaurant that has a location in Providence, Rhode Island. Their Providence location offers lunch and dinner service, has an all-day lounge available for use, and also does orders for take-out. Guests planning on a larger party can also approach The Capital Grille about their private dining format and reservation policies.

The Capital Grille is conveniently located in downtown Providence, making it a great place to plan a business lunch meeting, private gathering or celebration with friends. Customers will love choosing from incredible choices like The Capital Grille’s prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella and tomatoes, lobster bisque or their famed cuts of meat, including lamb rib chops, grilled chicken breast, filet mignon, and more.

Find out more about The Capital Grille here.

6. Camille’s

Camille’s is a Providence, Rhode Island-based restaurant that is open for lunch and dinner. It welcomes parties of any size, whether diners are eating as a couple or small group. Larger parties of customers can also approach Camille’s about their reservation policies for private parties. It was awarded the Award of Excellence in 2020 by Wine Spectator, as well as recognized by Diner’s Choice in 2019.

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Camille’s Italian-inspired menu features many classics from Italian cuisine, as well as countless variations that highlight the restaurant’s ingenuity and originality. Enjoy some of their veal dishes, whether it is their cotoletta di vitello alla parmigiano (cutlet with gravy, mozzarella and Romano) or vitello alla Francese (veal egg battered and sauteed in lemon white wine butter sauce).

Check out Camille’s full menu on their website!

7. Los Andes

For a taste of original Peruvian and Bolivian cuisine, plan a visit to Los Andes, in Providence, Rhode Island. A restaurant that loves all things Latino and is proudly named for the famous mountain range that helps define South America. Owner Cesin Curi brings some of the best dishes from the area to the East Coast of the USA and is excited to introduce the flavors and passion of Latin cooking to Rhode Island.

Guests will love dining in the colorful exciting dining area and bar of Los Andes. Explore some of their chef specials, including their Los Anges Burger, a blend of rib eye and sirloin with tomato jam, bacon and onion, or their salmon chifero, a salmon dish prepared with fried cancha, scallions, peppers and pineapple.

Connect with Los Andes today!

8. New Rivers

Founded in 1990 by owners Bruce and Pat Tillinghast, New Rivers is proud of its roots in the area and looks to continue to build upon its heritage as a New England restaurant boasting a New England menu. The kitchen aims to take the best of the fresh ingredients available to them from the area and prepare them with the best techniques into high-quality, delicious dishes.

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Speak to New Rivers about making a reservation for your party, no matter the size. The classic, fashionable interior of the restaurant makes it the perfect backdrop for an engagement party, corporate function or family event. Try their signature burger, with Vermont cheddar, malt vinegar aioli and a side of butter pickles, or other favorites like their baked RI clams or spaghetti with crab and uni.

Learn more about New Rivers here.

9. Pot Au Feu

Providence, Rhode Island is home to Pot Au Feu, a restaurant as well known for its historical roots as for its delicious dishes. Since 1972, Pot Au Feu has been making waves in the culinary world, from its humble, rustic restaurant. The dining hall is classically adorned and reminiscent of an aesthetic from an age ago.

The menu at Pot Au Feu is authentically French, providing their local American customers with a taste of what classic French cuisine should taste like. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres of onion soup or lobster bisque, before moving on to one of their entrees. Pot Au Feu’s crepes and quiches are well-known throughout the area, and customers should not miss out on their traditional pot au feu, the restaurant’s take on a traditional French dish.

Reach out to Pot Au Feu!

10. The District

The District is a modern American restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island that offers a great selection of delicious foods at reasonable prices. The restaurant boasts a modest but classically designed modern interior, with room at the bar for those looking to drink, as well as larger tables that can accommodate tables of guests for corporate events, family dinners and other celebrations.

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The restaurant has unique menus for dinner, brunch and cocktail time. Go with a mimosa for your brunch alongside an order of eggs benedict or huevos rancheros. Guests coming in for dinner have their choice between specials like fish tacos, a number of different house burgers, or pizzas fired in-house, including pesto, barbecue and Margherita.

Contact The District for more details.


What food is Providence Rhode Island known for? ›

What Food is Providence, RI Known For? PVD has always been famous for classics like clam cakes, stuffies (stuffed quahogs), Rhode Island-style calamari (with hot cherry peppers), johnny cakes (cornmeal flatbread), Rhode Island clam chowder (which is a clear or red soup as opposed to a creamy white chowder) and coffee.

What seafood is Providence known for? ›

Providence Oyster Bar

This place is known for its raw bar of oysters and clams but also provides plenty of other seafood dishes. The food here is fresh and patrons rave about their oysters and fish.

Who owns Providence? ›

Michael CimarustiCo-owner and Chef.

Does Providence have good food? ›

Unpretentious and often very affordable, Providence is a food lover's destination in New England, and the smarts and creative hallmarks of the city end up where it shines the best: on the plate.

What is Rhode Island known for? ›

Rhode Island is known for making silverware and fine jewelry. The world's largest bug is on the roof of New England Pest Control in Providence. It's a big blue termite, 58 feet long and 928 times actual termite size.

What is the national food of Rhode Island? ›

List of U.S. state foods
StateFood typeFood name
Rhode IslandState fruitRhode Island Greening Apple
State appetizerCalamari
South CarolinaState fruitPeach
State snack foodBoiled peanuts
121 more rows

Is Rhode Island known for their seafood? ›

Rhode Island Is an Underrated Bastion of New England Seafood. Here's Where To Try It. If you love fresh seafood, you probably already know that New England is a must-visit destination thanks to mouthwatering lobster rolls, fried clam strips, shucked oysters, and other delicacies.

How do you summon Providence? ›

Providence does not spawn on her own and requires the player to summon her with the Profaned Core while in The Hallow or The Underworld biome.

How much does it cost to eat at Providence Los Angeles? ›

Providence offers three menus during dinner service—the Providence Tasting Menu ($120), Signature & Seasonal Menu ($185), and Chef's Tasting Menu ($220).

Who owns Providence in Los Angeles? ›

Michael Cimarusti, is chef and owner of critically acclaimed Providence, in Los Angeles, where his cooking celebrates his love and passion for all things seafood.

What are Rhode Island cities? ›

Rhode Island

What is the official drink of Rhode Island? ›

Coffee milk became so popular in Rhode Island that in 1993 the Rhode Island state legislature voted coffee milk as the official state drink. It's called a “cabinet” because its originator kept his blender in a “kitchen cabinet.” Autocrat Coffee Syrup is the preferred syrup in Rhode Island.

Is Providence worth visiting? ›

Most tourists find themselves in Providence, Rhode Island on the way to somewhere else. However, this little city is absolutely worth a visit of its own. Contributor Lilit Marcus looks at what's great on and off campus. Rhode Island, known affectionately to the locals as “Lil' Rhodey,” is America's smallest state.

Searching for the best restaurants in East Providence, Rhode Island? Don't forget to check out these 10!

You’ll find lots of great eats here, and you’ll love how friendly everybody is.. With plenty of delicious lunch options along with a range of tasty things to eat for dinner, it won’t be hard to find something you’ll enjoy here.. At Sun & Moon Korean Restaurant , you’ll find only the best Korean food in the area and super friendly service to go with it.. If you’re planning on heading here, check out their menu to get a better idea of what food they have available.. When you head here, you’ll find lots of great food to try, and it will quickly become one of your favorite restaurants.. When you head to Davenport’s Restaurant in East Providence, you’ll be greeted by the welcoming staff and offered some truly great food that you’re going to love.. Offering a range of great Italian food, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find something you’re going to enjoy.. Their appetizers are a great way to begin your meal, and you’ll love all the delicious pasta options.. At O Dinis, you’ll find everything you could ask for, and you’ll love enjoying your meal in the restaurant’s welcoming and relaxed environment.. Check out their menu to see all of the great food they have.. They’ve got plenty of great food available for dinner as well as some tasty brunch options.. They have great sandwiches along with options like pizza, Greek food, and salads.. If you’ve been craving some tasty food and ant great service to match, Pazi’s Place is the perfect place to visit.

Rhode Island’s capital city has an A-plus dining scene.

Maybe it’s the influence of Johnson & Wales University, one of the world’s top-ranked culinary schools, but relatively petit Providence, Rhode Island is a city that punches way above its weight, when it comes to restaurants.. And besides all the exceptional eats, Providence is just fun : There’s a ton of walkable watering holes and an especially vibrant gay bar and club scene that keeps the nightlife hot even in the colder months.. When you’re ready to make the quick drive down (or better yet, schedule a ride share so you can truly enjoy the cocktail scene), here’s where to savor some time in Providence.. The first Providence outing from the Cipriani hospitality group, which is behind some of the swankiest restaurants and lounges in the world, Bellini’s Art Deco-style interior sparkles like Prosecco and serves a similarly lively spread of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, focusing on modern spins on Italian favorites.. This beauty has been the grand dame of Federal Hill’s Italian scene since 1914, which means you absolutely have to come here for the classics: The feeds-a-small-army-sized lasagna Bolognese with ricotta and mozzarella, the cremini mushroom-studded chicken marsala, and the house-made gnocchi in a lush pink vodka cream sauce.. This bright and hip Japanese-fusion restaurant and sushi spot on Providence’s east side never disappoints with its raw fish game, from the classics—like pristine slivers of yellowfin sashimi—to fabled house favorites like the Red Dragon roll with avocado and crab stick, topped with whole eel.. Make global-plates spot Layali your first stop on a night on the town in Providence, especially if you’re heading to the Ocean State capital for a dose of its energetic LGBTQ nightlife—this bustling eatery is in walking (or stumbling) distance of legendary gay bars like the Stable, Dark Lady, Alley Cat, and more.. Bring your crew and pick over all the small plates, especially the gorgonzola-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, and the kicking Rhode Island-style calamari that’s served with pepper rings.. / Photo by Waterman Grille via Yelp

Close to the both the Providence River and Narragansett Bay, Providence is known for its incredible seafood, and its large Italian population provides delicious tastes of the old country.

Providence, Rhode Island, is one of those places that you visit once and can’t wait to visit again.. Founded by Roger Williams, a religious refugee from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Providence stays true to its roots in tolerance, providing a diverse and exciting place to visit.. Close to the both the Providence River and Narragansett Bay, Providence is known for its incredible seafood.. Providence is rich in food, and we loved eating our way through it more than once.. To give you an idea of the incredible eats you’ll find, here are a few of what we consider the best restaurants in Providence.. Providence is home to many people with Italian roots, and there’s nowhere better to experience a slice of that Italian culture than Costantino’s Venda Bar & Ristorante in Federal Hill, Providence’s Little Italy.. Fresh fruit and light ricotta cheese on a chewy, crunchy, rustic piece of bread make for a unique and satisfying meal.. The bakery items go well with the creative drinks — try the red velvet hot chocolate, maple bourbon latte, Vietnamese iced coffee, matcha green latte, or chai tea latte.. That’s why we were thrilled to find Kleos in Providence, where classic Greek dishes like moussaka, roasted lamb, and souvlaki are executed perfectly.. Los Andes also serves traditional seafood dishes like paella and jalea, a Peruvian seafood medley.. It would be hard to list the best restaurants in Providence without mentioning seafood.. Being so close to the ocean, Providence enjoys a unique connection to the bounty of the sea.. We loved the pasta con i funghi , a fresh egg tagliatelle prepared with butter and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, white truffle-scented egg, mushroom duxelles, and crushed red pepper.. These are a few restaurants in Providence that we’ve enjoyed.

Atwells Avenue in Providence Federal Hill – Photo courtesy of Brian Scioni for more than a century, federal hill Rhode Island has been a center of Italian-American culture. Known locally as &…

Atwells Avenue in Providence Federal Hill – Photo courtesy of Brian Scioni. Camille’s Federal Hill’s oldest restaurant.. The Famous Wimpy Skippy from Caserta Pizzeria – Photo courtesy of Brian Scioni. They have about 20 different veal dishes, as well as several tripe options.. At over 100 years old, brick ovens are almost as old as the bakery itself.. Triangoli nere di granchio is one of Zooma’s top sellers – Photo courtesy of Brian Scioni. zuma Known for its elegant pasta dishes.. Bolognese Sauce from Venda Ravioli at Federal Hill – Photo courtesy of Brian Scioni

Eat out in Providence with our guide to the 10 best restaurants and diners in the city, from trendy establishments to beloved, all-American eateries.

Try the five- or seven-course tasting menu, paired with wine, and enjoy dishes as diverse as smoked potato soup with clams, bacon, tomatoes and garden basil, and Berkshire pork chop with ricotta fritters, Swiss chard and roasted cherries.. As the flagship and original venue in the Capital Grill chain, Capital Grill Providence represents the company ethos perfectly, with its crisp, linear interior, high ceilings, statement artwork and overall feeling of luxury pervading the relaxed, fine dining ambiance.. The beautiful, stylish restaurant space, with its monochrome tiled flooring, wall of windows, and high ceilings, is the perfect backdrop for a bowl of salty mussels in white wine, or a fillet of flaky, fresh fish.. Enjoy the popular ceviche martini, comprising fresh diced tilapia, squid, shrimp and Prince Edward Island mussels, all tossed with a cilantro, roccoto and garlic leche de tigre, and garnished with cancha and choclo, or opt for something a little more daring in the form of the Anticuchos, featuring a garlic marinated-beef heart, skewered and grilled, served with grilled potatoes and arocoto cream sauce.. With all dishes prepared specifically to order, offering a tasting menu for adventurous diners, on which feature dishes range from zucchini soup with sweetcorn and fire roasted peppers, to chargrilled Blackbird Farm pork with Rhode Island mushrooms, house-smoked bacon, grains, greens, herbs and a black pepper-red wine jus.. Choose from roasted zucchini stuffed with Graziano sausage, or sheep and goats’ milk cheese with black truffles and truffle honey, before moving on to braised veal and beef ragu in a traditional bolognaise sauce, or Scottish black pearl salmon with chive aioli, wild rice and roasted baby carrots.. As part of the popular, Rhode Island Siena chain, Siena Restaurant offers authentic Tuscan cuisine in its intimate, fine dining restaurant.. Sample native lobster in its shell, with shrimp, littlenecks, baby mussels, swordfish, sea scallops and calamari, stewed in a spicy tomato and vegetable broth, served over grilled Tuscan crostini, and finished with fried onion rings.

From homemade pasta to twists on classics to extraordinary pizza, these Italian restaurants in Providence and beyond are Rhode Island's best (with a map).

The Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau / N. Millard. This upscale destination for Italian fare with a decidedly down-home specialty — grilled pizza — has been the standard by which other Italian restaurants are compared for nearly four decades.. Located in Providence's riverside Fox Point neighborhood, Al Forno's rise to popularity was propelled by its creative owners' playful approach to traditional Italian cuisine and their reliance on New England's bounty, like wood-grilled George’s Bank scallops with parsnip pureé and roasted asparagus.. You'll regret it if you don't save room for the grand cookie finale for two.. Here on Providence's Federal Hill, there's only one restaurant that's been serving some of the same beloved dishes for 95 years and the recipes, and the prices, have changed little in those years.. If you've never tried tripe, this is the place to be adventurous, particularly since this is one of the house favorites available in a half-sized portion.. A relative newcomer on Providence's Federal Hill, Massimo isn't just an Italian standout: It's one of the best restaurants in all of Rhode Island.. Two cuisines collide in the pie topped with smoked mozzarella, cured olives, arugula and fresh-fried calamari, aptly named "The Rhode Island.". Whether you're craving rustic, authentic home cooking or fresh twists on classic dishes — or just an extraordinary slice of pizza — the best Italian restaurants in Rhode Island offer transportive dining experiences.. But don't overlook other Italian standouts as you roam Rhode Island.

Explore eating out in Providence, Rhode Island, where European-style dining rubs shoulders with casual cultural eats.

Here are 10 of the best restaurants in Providence.. The restaurant is ideally located for lovers of theatre, as both the The Trinity Repertory Company and the Providence Performing Arts Center are just a short walk away.. Under the same management for over thirty years, the restaurant has built up a solid reputation of serving high quality dishes in its unique setting.. The building lay abandoned for many years until the mid-2000s, when the space was bought up by the arts initiative AS220 to be converted into a series of studios for local artists and performers.. As a means of promoting the creative industries, artwork fills the restaurant, from the dishes the food is served on to the photography on the walls.. It’s a riverside restaurant that prides itself in the variety and quality of its menu, excelling in clam, calamari, mussel, squid and scallop dishes.. Bar, Restaurant, Spanish, $$$

Looking for the best restaurants in Providence to eat at? Click here to see a list of the top 20 places to eat while in Providence, RI.

One of the best cuisines you’ll find on any menu is Italian food.. Well, enjoy some other dishes on the menu, there are plenty.. One of the best breakfast restaurants in Providence.. Order anything from the menu and customer satisfaction will soar through the ceiling.. No other restaurant does it better.

Residents living in coastal locations expect only the freshest fish and seafood when eating out in local restaurants. Fortunately, the residents of

This restaurant is a little out of the way of the main restaurant scene as it is located on Main Street in Pawtucket on the outskirts of Providence.. Diners can enjoy the views at their best if you sit in the outdoor eating area.. During dinner service, there is a more formal vibe and most people opt for the seven-course tasting menu so they can sample all the delicious flavor combinations that Wagner creates.. The tasting menu experience includes stunning and creative dishes including grilled local squid and seafood foraged from nearby waters.. Seafood pasta dishes are some of the most popular options on the menu, as is the locally sourced Crudo.. Oysters and scallops feature highly on this menu, although there are many other delicious options.. This restaurant specializes in fish dishes using locally sourced ingredients.. Although there are some hot seafood options on the menu, this restaurant specializes in creating stunning sushi dishes that are made from the freshest ingredients.. However, you should take the time to find this restaurant and sample some of the delicious dishes.. The menu consists of classics that you would expect to find on a Rhode Island seafood restaurant menu, such as scallops, clam chowder, calamari, and seafood saffron risotto.. Typical items include clam chowder, fish tacos, fish and chips, seafood platters, and jumbo lump crab.. It is an affordable, casual dining venue that has earned an excellent reputation among the locals, and guests can enjoy river views while they dine.

The capital city of Rhode Island is a charming seaside town that is filled with beautiful 18th- and 19th-century homes, Brown University, and an array

Al Forno Restaurant is an authentic Italian restaurant in South Water Street that brings a touch of Southern Europe into the heart of Providence.. Bácaro Restaurant is a contemporary Italian restaurant on the waterfront of Downtown Providence that features a full-service dining room with an open kitchen, a tapas bar, and a wine bar.. Set in the historic Charles Tanner Building along the riverfront in downtown Providence, the split-concept dining destination is spread over two floors with an enoteca (wine bar), salumeria, and cicchetheria (tapas bar) on the first floor and the main dining room on the second floor.. The world-class Italian restaurant offers a high-end take on traditional Italian dishes accompanied by an extensive list of global wines, high-end spirits, classic cocktails, and imported beers, and hosts live music and dancing in the restaurant lounge on Friday and Saturday evenings.. You are reading "21 Best Restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island" Back to Top Top Rated: Last minute places for couples: Charleston WV , Pensacola , Baton Rouge , Colorado Springs , Dayton OH , Dauphin Island , Provincetown , New Orleans , Philadelphia , UT , AZ , From NYC , CO. You are reading "21 Best Restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island" Back to Top Affordable things to see near me, must-visit beaches: East Coast Beaches , SC , Beaches near Orlando , Last Minute , NH , Houston , Palm Springs , Monterey , From Atlanta, GA , Sedona AZ. "21 Best Restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island for Locals & Tourists - Restaurants, Hotels" Back to Top Insider travel recommendations: UT , Indianapolis , From Kansas City , Mackinac Island , Chattanooga , RI , From Chicago , Sacramento , Nantucket , Girls Getaways , Santa Barbara , PA. A heralded Raw Bar lies at the center of the restaurant and showcases the ocean-fresh offerings, and a full-service bar offers an acclaimed wine list of global wines, along with classic cocktails, high-end spirits, and craft beers.. Located in Providence’s famous Little Italy, in the heart of Federal Hill, the Old Canteen is a long-standing go-to spot for traditional Italian fare, decadent homemade desserts, and casual wines served in a warm and welcoming setting.. Located on beautiful Historic Federal Hill in Providence, Pane e Vino Ristorante and Enoteca is an authentic Italian restaurant that serves traditional Italian fare amidst classic Italian hospitality.. Located on Historic Federal Hill, Providence Oyster Bar is one of Rhode Island's top spots for fresh seafood, raw and cooked shellfish, handmade sushi and sashimi and other inspired seafood dishes.. A full-service bar serves global wines, and specialty cocktails and the restaurant is open for dinner daily and weekend brunch.. Alforno , Photo: Alforno Andino's , Photo: Andino's Bacaro Restaurant , Photo: Bácaro Restaurant Restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island: Cafe Nuovo , Photo: Café Nuovo Restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island: Camille's , Photo: Camille's Restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island: Capriccio , Photo: Capriccio Restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island: CAV , Photo: CAV Restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island: Circe , Photo: Circe Restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island: Gracie's , Photo: Gracie's Restaurants Near Me: Hemenway's Restaurant , Photo: Hemenway's Restaurant Restaurants Near Me: Joe Marzilli's Old Canteen Italian Restaurant , Photo: Joe Marzilli's Old Canteen Italian Restaurant Restaurants Near Me: Massimo Restaurant , Photo: Massimo Restaurant Restaurants Near Me: Mill's Tavern, Providence, Rhode Island , Photo: Mill's Tavern New Rivers, Providence, Rhode Island , Photo: Yeko Photo Studio/stock.adobe.com Pane e Vino Ristorante and Enoteca, Providence, Rhode Island , Photo: Pane e Vino Ristorante and Enoteca Persimmon Restaurant, Providence, Rhode Island , Photo: Persimmon Restaurant Pot au Feu Bistro, Providence, Rhode Island , Photo: Pot au Feu Bistro Providence Oyster Bar, Providence, Rhode Island , Photo: Providence Oyster Bar Rosalina, Providence, Rhode Island , Photo: Rosalina Trattoria Zooma, Providence, Rhode Island , Photo: Trattoria Zooma Waterman Grille, Providence, Rhode Island , Photo: Waterman Grille Cover Photo: abrilla/stock.adobe.com

A guide to Rhode Island's best places to dine on seafood, from lobster to sustainable fish to clam cakes to the official state appetizer, calamari.

Order just four oysters from the raw bar?. Providence Oyster Bar is the rare restaurant that does all types of seafood justice.. You can also feast on an abundant variety of seafood in the interior's spacious dining rooms, which seat 500, making this Rhode Island's largest seafood restaurant.. This is also an excellent spot to try stuffies: Rhode Island quahog clams stuffed with chourico and sweet peppers.. The best seafood restaurants in the tiny Ocean State all seem to have their own angle on how to prep and serve the gifts of the sea, so if you live close enough to visit Rhode Island again and again, make a point of trying to dine at all 10.

This timeline pays homage to the culinary institutions that have shaped Rhode Island's cuisine from the very beginning.

1917: Abraham Kaplan opens Kaplan's Bakery on Black Street (the street no longer exists), near Providence’s Douglas Avenue.. 1938: The Chin family opens Mee Hong Restaurant next to the Westminster Arcade in Providence.. 1940: The Rector family opens the Milk Bar, serving ice cream at what is now Newport Creamery’s flagship restaurant in Middletown.. 1946: The Stevens family opens Olneyville New York System in Providence's Olneyville Square, serving hot wieners "all the way.". 1951: Tin Cheug Luke and son Henry open Luke’s Restaurant on Eddy Street in Providence.. 1987: Madeira Restaurant opens in East Providence, serving traditional Portuguese cuisine.. 1993: The Television Food Network (TVFN) , with 24 hours a day of food programming, is launched on Nov. 23 by Colony Communications of Rhode Island, which was owned by the Providence Journal Co. You know it today as The Food Network.

Head up on rooftops in Providence, Newport, Narragansett and Wakefield to eat, sip and celebrate this summer.

Providence has three public rooftop restaurants and one by membership only.. In South County, two restaurants offer rooftop seating, one on Narragansett Bay and one on a pond.. The Rooftop at the Providence G was the city's first, built in 2014, atop the building known as the Providence Gas Company.. Details: The Rooftop at the Providence G, 100 Dorrance St, Providence, (401) 632-4904, (401) 632-4904, rooftopattheg.com .. Mare Rooftop opened four stories above Wayland Square in 2018 with city views offering a fine dining menu and atmosphere.. The Bellini Rooftop just debuted as Providence's only private membership rooftop club offering a total experience of exclusivity.. In Wakefield, Matunuck Oyster Bar has rooftop seating overlooking lovely Potter Pond.. The Top of Newport is a rooftop bar at the Hotel Viking.. This hotel changes ownership, chefs and dining rooms, but the harbor views from the fourth story space remain heart-stopping.. Benjamin's Raw Bar is a neighborhood bar that has a raw bar on the first floor, classic dining on the second and the Crow's Nest on the third floor.. The Rooftop at The Brenton Hotel is the newest spot on this list and it offers stunning views of Newport Harbor.. The rooftop will open for the season Memorial Day weekend for the public and hotel guests.. Details: The Rooftop at Brenton Hotel, 31 America's Cup Ave., Newport, (401) 849-3100, brentonhotel.com/food-and-drink/


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