Best 80 + Nf Quotes on Life And Love (2023)

on March 30, 1991, Nathan John Feuerstein was born. He is also known as NF. He’s a rap artist, songwriter, and musician from the United States.NF is the Prime rapper in the World, he has classic songs and words, so we want to make a list of NF Quotes.

Moments (2010), Mansion (2015), Therapy Session (2016), Perception (2017), and The Search (2018) are NF‘s five production company albums (2019). Clouds (The Mixtape) was released by NF (2021). His albums have received numerous honors, including the Gospel Music Association Dove Award for Popular music Hop Track “ of the Year.1 Billboard 200 chart debuts (Perception and The Search), and also a triple-platinum recognizedsingle in the United States which measured internationally (“Let You Down”).

Even though the Nf Quotes below highlight, that becoming a musician commonly involves admitting private details about one’s living.

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Nf Quotes About Life

Best 80 + Nf Quotes on Life And Love (1)

I’m the definition of the wreck.

If God ain’t real, real isn’t.

Yes I’m a Christian but I’m not perfect.

Music raised me more than my parents did.

I don’t need a lot, I just want to find my peace.

You call it music, I call it my therapist.

Maybe someday I can learn to be happy.

It’s not about what you did, it’s about what you do.

You don’t like me? That makes two of us.

My biggest failure in life is knowing that I never tried.

I’d rather be alone, I’m not good in crowds.

A lot of people know me, but they don’t know me well.

I don’t go out a lot. I kinda live in my world.

Nothing is free unless you consider your time valueless.

It’s hard to be clean when you play in the dirt.

I don’t live for the world I live for the king.

Making you cry makes me feel like a bad person.

Nf Quotes About Love

Best 80 + Nf Quotes on Life And Love (2)

It’s easy to blame God but harder to fix things.

The only person I judge is the one in the mirror.

Everything is so beautiful when you stop looking for flaws.

Everybody’s gon’ to die Don’t everybody live though.

I don’t make music for Christians. I make music for everyone.

Apologies don’t mean a thing if you don’t ever fix it.

Better grab your balloons and invite your friends.

The older you get the more family is everything.

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Pain’s always been the root of my music. I just write what I feel.

All these voices in my head get loud. Wish I could shut them out.

Most of my life is full of sad days starting at a young age.

Most of my life’s full of regrets, things I wanna take back.

In 10 minutes I still couldn’t explain what was inside of my brain.

I heard that pictures don’t change, just the people inside of them do.

Yeah you’ve got a lot of money but that money doesn’t buy you skills.

I got too much on my mind I guess I don’t know how to face it.

I am just a person but I thank the Lord that I serve a God that’s perfect.

Father forgive me for I am a sinner but you gave me music as medicine.

I think when people listen to music they can truly feel authenticity. For me as a listener, there are certain songs where I’m just like, ‘Man I know that person was feeling that.’

Short Nf Quotes

Best 80 + Nf Quotes on Life And Love (3)

If you’re a Christian, and you’re a plumber, are you a Christian plumber?

Perfect people don’t exist so don’t pretend to be one.

God kind of smacked me in the face one day and gave me a wake-up call.

Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime.

Where are my feelings? I no longer feel things.

Try to take advantage of me, before you die, you’ll be dead to me.

The real you is who you are when ain’t nobody watching.

I ain’t the type to be quiet I ain’t gon’ sit here in silence.

Want me to listen to you But you don’t ever hear my words.

They say pain is a prison, let me out of my cell.

Happiness is just a moment, joy is something you carry around with you.

If money is where you find happiness, you’ll always be poor.

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Wonder how I look in God’s eyes. Am I a good person or a lost one?

My favorite thing to do as an artist is a record. It’s a super therapeutic thing for me.

Hearing people say they miss the Old You It’s crazy, ain’t it?

Why do I feel like I lost something that I never had?

Music is the only place that I can go to speak to you.

Life’s too short to let it pass you by. We spend a lot of time crying over wasted time. – Nathan Feuerstein

If you made a list of people that you trusted would you put your name down?

People claim that they’re in your corner, but leave you in times of need.

If you think I’m ’bout to change who I am just for you, then you’re so wrong.

Sometimes I hold back from saying I miss you, but I miss you. I have to admit, on this road I get lonely, but you make me smile every time that you call me.

Nf Quotes Deep

Best 80 + Nf Quotes on Life And Love (4)

Listen, yeah everybody wants change Don’t anybody wanna change though.

Told me you would die for me Yeah, all you ever do is lie to me.

Ask me how I’m doing, and I’ll say okay. But ain’t that what we all say?

I’ve always tried to control things, in the end, that’s what controls me.

I know I’m the only person that can change me. Maybe that’s why I ain’t changing.

Mistakes are a part of the journey… Just don’t let them sit in the front seat perception. – Nathan Feuerstein

I know I shouldn’t answer when you call me. I know I shouldn’t text you when I’m lonely. – Nathan Feuerstein

So take my hands now I give you everything God. Not just a little bit, take it all from me. – Nathan Feuerstein

The older I get the more I understand that a relationship is more than just holding her hand. – Nathan Feuerstein

You want somebody that’ll keep you warm at night, then tell me, why you actin’ cold to me?

I work my hardest and every time I look into the mirror Don’t forget about where I started.

I’ll be here waiting, I promise I’m changing I just need a little time to show you I’m worth it.

Whoever told you that life would be easy, I promise that person was lying to you.

Only time you ever call me is when you feelin’ like don’t anybody else wanna listen.

She used to laugh, but now she’s crying, sick of the pain. She puts on her mask, pretends, and she acts like she’s okay.

Nf Quotes For Instagram

Best 80 + Nf Quotes on Life And Love (5)

I want to know what it’s like to sit down with my friends and feel like they might understand me

Something’ funny’s going on up in my house Yeah, started thinking’ maybe I should move out.

We’ve all got something that we trapped inside that we try to suffocate, you know, hoping’ it dies.

If you want love, you gonna go thru the pain. If you trust yourself, you gonna have to give some way.

You can spend your life in a dream that you can’t escape. You live your life in a coma, you’re never awake.

I know the person in the mirror’s not a perfect one. I look at him every day and think he’s not enough.

Nothing to me is ever good enough. I could be working for twenty-four hours a day and think I never did enough.

God gave me the gift and he gave me the ability to do this.

Surround yourself with people that challenge how you think. Not people that nod their heads and act as if they agree.

I had an epiphany. What if everyone knew my depression was worse than they thought? They probably go’ look at me indifferently.

I just need some time, I’m Trina thinking straight. I just need a moment in my own space. Ask me how I’m doing, and I’ll say okay, But isn’t that what we all say?

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