Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (2023)

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (1)

Stephen Tilden

20:11 05 Sep 22

Brad is an incredible car mechanic. He has worked on both my Mazda 3 and BMW X3. After diagnosing... my vehicles, he went into great detail of what is wrong with them and how he would be able to mend the issue. He is very generous with his time and gives a discount to military members. I would recommend Brad to anyone looking to have mechanical service done on their more

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21:22 04 Feb 21

Really the best place to take your vehicle! Brad is fair and honest and lets you know exactly what... you need to do now and what can wait! We have had nothing but a great experience with Baier's!read more

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A Google User

09:07 27 Aug 20

Ok, This will be a different review. I have never been the bairs auto time inc. I have never met... brad or his brother. I tried to purchase a 2006 H3 hummer From a local kia dealer. I had Brad do a pre purchase inspection because I live 400 miles away. The h3 needed so much work I passed on the purchase. Well not really. That was my first thought. I emailed the kia dealer to split the repairs, of course they said no. One week later, I once again emailed the dealer an offer, and they took it. I had brad do all the repairs, as we got deeper into the hummer, there were a few extras that popped up but I must say my trust in brad and his brother was 100%.If you need an honest repair shop, Baiers auto time is the place. HPread more

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Ryan B

21:02 25 Aug 20

I needed my brakes done on my 17 Passat. Brad communicated with me via email and broke down options... and pricing. He showed me my old parts and talked me through the work he completed. He is very friendly and professional and have already recommended more

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harry plander

10:08 04 Mar 20

Ok, This will be a different review. I have never been the bairs auto time inc. I have never met... brad or his brother. I tried to purchase a 2006 H3 hummer From a local kia dealer. I had Brad do a pre purchase inspection because I live 400 miles away. The h3 needed so much work I passed on the purchase. Well not really. That was my first thought. I emailed the kia dealer to split the repairs, of course they said no. One week later, I once again emailed the dealer an offer, and they took it.I had brad do all the repairs, as we got deeper into the hummer, there were a few extras that popped up but I must say my trust in brad and his brother was 100%.If you need an honest repair shop, Baiers auto time is the place.HPread more

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Dr Raul Meza

15:59 30 Jan 20

I have taken all of my vehicles to Brad and Al since 2010...I own a 2019 Toyota Tacoma Truck and a... 2015 Jeep Wrangler..bottomline: I do not trust the dealers with my vehicles...Brad gladly took my 2015 Jeep in, immediately ran a car history on it, and goes by the manufacturer's maintenance interval sheet when I take it in to fact, I had a recall on the Jeep last year, for the right side airbag...I took it to Jeep Crestview, they replaced the airbag and sent me on my way...the next time I took the Jeep into Baier's Auto Time for an oil/filter change, Brad not only changed the oil/filter, rotated the tires, but he also ran a diagnostic on the entire system...he discovered that the right stereo speaker was "faulty"...when he dug a little deeper, he took out the glove compartment, and discovered that the Jeep dealership disconnected the speaker to replace the airbag, but did not reconnect it about more fodder to reconfirm my distrust in dealerships...thanks Brad for upholding my trust...As for my 2019 Toyota Tacoma? Despite the fact that it is still on warranty, I take it even now to Baier's for oil/filter changes every 5,000 miles (Toyota insists on changing the oil/filter every 10,000 miles, which seems illogical to me because of the viscosity breakdown after 7,000 miles), and will take it to Brad for all work once the warranty expires after 40,000 more

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James White

01:29 22 Jan 20

We have a 2005 Volvo with 160,000 miles. We expected repairs to be part of the plan into the... future. We love the car and made a big mistake going to a shop in Navarre that had no experience. $90.00 later we were told nothing was wrong after steering fluid was pouring out of the pump. We found Baier's, and after one phone call we took Simon in. The steering pump was shot, and the new breaks in San Diego we had installed were done wrong which caused major damage. Brad and Al put the plan together and found parts, expedited delivery, replaces the head lamps for half the cost and replaced a few other parts we could not even find. We can only say that the service, great workmanship and communication were outstanding. The price was half the dealership had estimated. Five Star all the way!!!!! See you guy's in the future. Jim & Janieread more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (8)

steven h smith

23:39 20 Jan 20

Great establishment with 'spot-on' diagnosis. Extremely friendly, nice, and honest. They have my... more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (9)

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Will Deguzman

23:44 31 Dec 19

This is my first review of Baier's Auto Time; although I've took both of my cars here a few times... already. Brad and Al have been great on servicing my vehicles on each occasion. Great service and quality work. Thank you so much for getting me back on the road!read more

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Jesse Holland

02:13 24 Dec 19

I’ve dealt with many rude mechanics over the years,but I have never been insulted over the phone... for asking a simple question. You are correct, you haven’t done business with me, because whoever answered my phone call insulted me. Why would I give you business?read more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (11)

Anthony Baier

22:32 16 Dec 19

To the community of Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Niceville, Crestview, and Navarre Florida:My name... is Anthony John Baier and I wholeheartedly approve of my Father's business as to his fair pricing, quality of work, and respectful customer service. The business has been in my family for several decades now, and by the grace of God, my Dad has endured and persevered through many traumatic trials that have been an immense testimony to me of what it means to be a husband, a father, a provider and a business owner. You may find more contemporary buildings, different economical options, and similar hard work ethic elsewhere; but what you will rarely find in this area is an honest Automotive business with the diligence, integrity and loyalty to each individual client as Baier's Auto Time has. Should you choose to receive quality service from the thorough men and women who work here to help you, you will once again drive away with the peace of mind and thankfulness for not simply a business, but for the faithfulness of a friend.May heart and character be your dividing line from empty appearance and counterfeits.Sincerely,A. J. Baierread more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (12)

anthony baier

23:06 12 Dec 19

This place is so horrible, My own father put me a as a independent contractor instead as a... employee and tries to screw me out of my taxes to save a penny.. He says there a 10% discount for military, That's a lie he just raises the price to looks like your getting good deal in fact your not.. There was many time he told people they needed work on the vehicle but in fact nothing wrong with it, just to make a buck. I left to get away from the lies he causes and the friendship he ruins, I feel sorry for the other employees working there. I hope god can forgive himread more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (13)

Riesa Lewis

02:18 02 Oct 19

Baier's will give it to you straight...our experience with them is that they are honest and if you... do what they tell you needs to be done, your car will continue to function. Baier is a knowledgeable, experienced mechanic who is not out to rip you off. Hope to continue to use his services for many years to more

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Nchinna Gangareddy

22:05 18 Jul 19

This was the best auto shop I have ever been to. My repairs were reasonable and completed on time.... The repairs were thoroughly explained to me in advance and I have a better understanding of how my vehicle will continue to perform for much longer. The office staff is top notch and I was made to feel as though they valued my business and respected my time. Very professional and more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (15)

Corey Walker

15:12 28 May 19

My experience at Baiers Auto time has met beyond expectations. I was on vacation and my AC was... having some issues. I looked up a ac repair shop and this is where I came. As I walked through the door, I was greeted by Brad. Very nice and respectful man. Ask some questions about my problem and explained to me his expert thought. Pulled my vehicle in his shop and ran a diagnosis and came back and explained everything to me and the process of how to fix it. It was taken care of and I was on my way. If you ever have car trouble and want honest work, this is hands down the most informed and professional ran place I have ever been to. He honors and respects the military and veterans. I can't thank him enough for his service that he provided me. Don't have a bad experience with other shops, just come here and get it done right the first time. Thanks more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (16)

Jason Miller

19:08 24 May 19

Thought I was saving time by having my tires shipped from Tire Rack directly to them and they... seemed to have decent reviews. Unfortunately they ended up wasting my time completely. Let me begin by saying I know I missed the tentative appointment we had made for Wednesday or Thursday because I’m in the Air Force and work came up. I don’t always have cell service and by the time I got off they were closed. Being next to a military base, you’d think they’d understand. With that said, I showed up Friday first thing in the morning and was greeted by them as soon as they knew who I was with “Oh, you must be the guy who doesn’t know how to read emails.” Yes, I don’t check my personal email that often. Either way, to insult your customers first thing seems like bad business. But I wanted my new tires and wheels put on so I continued. I did not realize their business was so small with only one machine that can do tire changes. If your looking for timely service, this is not the place. So they inform me there’s a car ahead of me, I understand, and that it would take 5 hours. I offer to come back in 5 hours, they then inform me that if I don’t leave me car there that there is no guarantee they will get to it when I come back. So I’m weighing my options at this point. If they had simply said we can’t get to it today, can we reschedule for next week, I would have been perfectly ok with that, it was my fault I couldn’t make it earlier and I get that. Around then the guy from inside the bay comes inside and says, oh, your the guy with the messed up lug nuts. He starts complaining about how he’s gonna have to fight to take them off and probably need to use an air chisel and cut the studs. A little excessive if you ask me considering I had the lugs off a week prior to do my brakes, I had just made the comment over the phone while making the appointment that the lugs were the cruddy Ford ones with the chrome caps that get messed up, but lucky for them I have new lugs to put on after the old ones come off. I told them as a slight heads up without realizing how much they would complain about it. Mind you, this is literally their whole business, to remove and put wheels and tires back on. But he’s complaining to me on and on about how difficult these lug nuts were gonna be. I finally tell them, you know what, I’ll go back to my house and take the old ones off and put the new ones on myself since it appears to be too difficult for them. And their response, “Oh that would be great.” It was at this point in time I lost all confidence in their abilities. They were willing to let a paying customer to the job for them. That is insane. The word incompetent comes to mind faster than capable does when it comes to them. The correct response from them after talking about the lugs nuts should have been “Don’t worry about that, we’ll take care of it, that’s our job.” but instead the acted like they couldn’t do it or didn’t want to do it when I know I can do it in my own garage let alone a place of business designed to do that very job. I’ve never seen a business not want my money that much. This coupled with their rudeness, I had had enough and asked if I can just take my tires and go somewhere else which they kindly oblige. But I can’t just take them since I’ve got the new rims already loaded in my car. I have to drive 30 minutes back to Crestview, drop off my rims, drive 30 minutes back to pick up the tires, and drive 30 minutes back to Crestview. Let that sink in for a moment, I was more willing to waste an hour and a half driving back and forth to my house then let these people work on my car. To sum it up, no, it didn’t save me time by having the tires shipped directly to them. I now have to wait another week to get my new tires and rims and put on by another place. 100% would not recommend and would never go back. Btw, it took me all of 15 minutes to change the lugs myself in my garage, a shorter amount of time than they complained about more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (17)

Victor Snyder

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01:24 28 Mar 19

Brad has taken exceptional care of my vehicle. The AC was completely overhauled by Brad at the... Baier's shop last summer and he used only quality parts with warranties. Today I took the car back in with concerns about the AC again and it was fixed same day under warranty and they handled all of the claim process ($0 cost to me). He always takes time to explain any repairs and gives me copies of readouts from diagnostic scans preformed while my cars in the shop.Long story short or tldr version:If you care about your vehicle and want quality work done by honest, and experienced mechanics. Go to Baier' more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (18)


22:09 23 Nov 18

Very Professional and honest! I will return. I called on Black Friday after traveling on... Thanksgiving to see if they would be able to flush my clutch out. They told me they weren't really open today but they would be willing to do it if I stopped by. While there I addressed some of my transmission concerns due to issues I had with a previous shop messing up my clutch and trying to make me pay for a water pump when I had no leaks a couple of days prior. Not only did they flush my system, they gave me the rundown on my potential transmission issue I may run into in the future. They also looked into my cooling system to verify there were no leaks. For a shop that was technically closed for the day, they bent over backwards in assisting me, which is more than what I could say for some other shops in the area. I'll definitely use them again in the more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (19)

Chad York

18:40 21 Nov 18

Great mechanics. They installed aftermarket springs on my van an had fair pricing. Will return for... any other repairs or more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (20)

Rachel Johnston

17:19 08 Aug 18

Called their office on a Friday morning to try and get a new skid plate installed because my... previous skid plate was dragging on the ground. Unbelievably helpful, patient and responsive when working with me to fit my car in that day. Once I came in with my car they were very polite and quick with the installation--they even offered me water while I waited. Truly impressed with their customer service and their knowledge of maintenance, definitely earned a repeat customer!read more

Careers with Baier's Auto Time, FWB (21)

Marjorie Corlett

19:02 19 Jul 18

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Delightful experience! My car had been overseas and had not been serviced in a while except for oil... checks. Brad thoroughly inspected everything in the car following the factory-recommended services for different time intervals. In the end, he charged me only for oil change and tire rotation, without taking advantage and charging for things I didn't need! While they worked on the car, they even gave me a ride home and back later to pick up the car. I'm looking forward to my next service. It's really nice to have an auto shop that does excellent work and is also honest!read more

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