Chicago Fire Season 5 Recap: Episode 20 - Carry Me (2023)

Tonight onChicago Fire season 5,Casey does what he can to try and helpKannellafter most of his crew were killed on a call.Also on Chicago Fire 2017,Severide helps an old widow come to terms with letting go, but realizes that he might be the one who needs the help. If you missed last week’s episode ofChicago Fire 2017, check out myChicago Fire recapright here for the details!Chicago Fire Season 5 Recap: Episode 20 - Carry Me (1)Tonight’s episode ofChicago Fire season 5 started off with Severide visitingAnna at the hospital, she doesn’t seem to be doing well. Meanwhile, Casey is trying to figure out how to fix Kannell’s career.OtisandCruz are looking for a third roommate andBrett asks them if she could. Moments later they get a call.

They get a call for a fire at an apartment and find that the kitchen is on fire. The team finds a woman in the apartment who is refusing to leave. She actually hides from them when they try to help. They are able to get her out and find that she was trying to save pictures. She told them that this house is her whole life.

At the firehouse, Severide is in his office looking at other options for Anna to help her through the chemo.Kidd comes in and tries to give him some advice and reminds him that they are there for them both. Brett is trying to sell her argument on why she would be the best roommate for them when they get a call.

Brett andDawson get to the location which is an indoor rock climbing facility. They find a woman on the floor. Dawson goes over to check her and she finds spinal fluid coming out of her ear. Brett asks the woman to squeeze her hand as hard as she can, she says good job even though the girl couldn’t do it.

Dawson tells the woman that she has something called an internal decapitation and she needs to stay very still. Brett runs out to the ambulance to get a two piece backboard becausethey can’t roll her onto the standard one. They are able to secure her onto it and get her to Med.

Back at the firehouse, Severide gets a visit from the daughter of the woman they pulled out of the fire earlier. She brings him cookies as a thank you for saving her mother,Ellie. Brett is interviewing with Cruz and Otis for the roommate position and things weren’t looking good. That’s until she pulls two parking passes out of her pocket and tells them that their landlord loves her.

Severide goes to see Anna and tells her about the woman from earlier. She makes him think that it’s not the house that the woman is worried about losing. It’s probably memories that she has made in the house that she doesn’t want to lose. Meanwhile, Casey goes to talk to Kannell and tells him that him andDoyle are both cleared. He lets him know he can come back to work whenever he’s ready. Kannell tells him that him being cleared doesn’t change anything, he still watched two people die and he is done with CFD.

Severide and Anna both fall asleep and when Severide wakes up he sees a DNR sign on her door. Severide finds her doctor and asks why it’s about. The doctor told him earlier that her numbers were good and they were optimistic. He reassures Severide that he is, but Anna doesn’t want extreme measures taken in case they turn. The doctor then tells Severide to go take a shower and get back there to help Anna fight.

Severide goes to see Ellie to talk to her and he tells her that her house isn’t safe, but she still refuses to leave. She notices that Severide has a look on his face. She asks him what’s wrong and he tells her about Anna. Ellie tells him about all the memories she has in the house with her husband who she lost a month ago. She then tells him that he needs to make all the memories he can, while he can and tells him she will be ok. Tells him to go be with Anna.

Casey goes to see Kannell, but he doesn’t answer the door. So Casey talks to him through the door. Tells him that they can’t quit because of the ones they lose and reminds him that being a firefighter is in his blood. At Molly’s, the bartender is having a hard time with a patron. Cruz goes to talk to the guy, but it turns physical and they go through a table. The guy gets up and is bleeding from his head, but when Cruz goes to help him, he runs out.

Severide and squad are on a call whenBoden gets there in the truck and tells him the hospital called. There has been a change and he needs to get to the hospital. He gets there and the doctor tells him that the infection has taken over. Her immune system was too compromised from the chemo. There isn’t anything else they can do. If he has anything to say to her, he needs to do it now.

Severide goes into the room and Anna asks him if he went to see Ellie. She then asks him to tell her about her. He tells her that it wasn’t about the house, it was about her husband. She tells him that she can’t move with the house on her shoulders. It seems odd so Severide asks her what she said. She said, “She can’t carry the house on her shoulders.” She is fading. She then says “Kelly, carry me,” and closes her eyes. Moments later, her monitors start beeping and the doctors come in. She’s gone.

We end tonight’s episode off with Severide and the rest of the team at 51 at his apartment when Casey tells everyone to give him some space. Kidd goes over to him and sits with him. Gives him everything from Anna’s bulletin board at work. All the pictures of her, with her father and with Severide. Her father thought she would want him to have it.

After everyone is gone, Severide gets on his motorcycle and takes off with nothing but a small bag of stuff. After his scuffle with the guy at the bar, Cruz flipped on Brett because when she moved in she started moving things and reorganizing. When they got back to the apartment, Cruz finds all the stuff put back where it was and all Brett’s stuff in boxes. She tells them that she is almost done packing. He tells her that she doesn’t have to go.

Kannell shows up to 51 to talk to Casey and tells him that he gives one hell of a speech. Kannell tells Casey that he doesn’t want to go back to him house and if that makes him a quitter, than so be it. Casey asks him “what if there is an opening in 51?” Meanwhile, we see where Severide went.

He went to see Ellie and takes down a door jam that held a lot of memories for her. Tells her she can’t stay there, but she can take this anywhere. He then tells her that his girlfriend died. She gives him a hug and tells him she is sorry. Then asks him if he will help her. He stays to help her pack.

Come back next week to find out what happens onChicago Fire season 5 when Severide returns to work after Anna’s death.

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